Jim Balsillie Hints at NFC Chips and More Cool Things Coming

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The Web 2.0 Summit interview with Jim Balsillie wasn’t great because it seemed like John Battelle, the interviewer, wasn’t totally educated about BlackBerry and seems like he isn’t much of a BlackBerry user. Battelle had questions such as whether the PlayBook will be available to enterprise users which we all know because the fact that the tablet is BES-ready was a central part of the PlayBook announcement.

Speaking of the PlayBook, Jim dropped that the BlackBerry tablet has an open module and there is a lot of potential for the device. It would be strange if the module he was speaking of was the radio for carrier connectivity, because this has already been announced by RIM. So what else could this module be?

One of the cooler parts of the interview came when Balsillie came to the subject of NFC chips. During the interview, he said “We’d be fools to not integrate an NFC chip. And we’re not fools.” For those who don’t know, an NFC chip is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that allows data exchange between devices at a range of about 10 centimeters. The chip is great for mobile payments which will open up BlackBerrys to more BlackBerry Wallet potential. I can’t wait for the days when I can completely ditch my wallet and keys for my BlackBerry.

On another note, it’s great to hear Jim Balsillie talk about the possibility of a quad-core, QNX OS BlackBerry that renders the web just as well as the PlayBook.

  • EB77

    “ditch your keys and wallet” along with that “ditch” a whole lot more, like, i dont know, freedom?!!!! Yeah, i know, i need to get with the times…no thank you, i refuse to be comfortble with every movment i make be tracked. i hope one day your eyes will opened, until then, follow along, blind creatures, “u must have it faster, more convienient, u dont have to stand in a line”……..Remember “if a person gives up freedoms in the name of security they deserve neither” - Peace

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