ScanLife Barcode App Updated with Coupons, Pricing and Nutrition Information



The ScanLife barcode app by Scanbuy is a reliable barcode scanner that many users have been using especially since BBM has stopped being able to scan barcodes for many recently. Perhaps it’s a bug in BBM or RIM has canceled the functionality in order to leave it up to third party developers. Either way, ScanLife is a decent alternative that has been updated to include digital coupons on every day products, prices and availability from local stores and detailed nutrition information from thousands of food products.

The new features will add to ScanLife’s current mobile shopping capabilities and are supported by partners across a number of areas:

Local prices via Scan the code to see what other local stores currently have the product in-stock and how the price at one compares to another down the block. Great for local price checks when doing last minute holiday shopping.

Digital coupons from Scan a code from a product in your home or on the go to get relevant coupons from top manufacturers. Customers can scan a box of cereal or bottle of shampoo to find and print coupons for savings in the store. This is a useful new feature considering that over 30 percent of ScanLife traffic comes from everyday products like groceries and personal care.

Nutrition information via Food Essentials. Scan the code to see if there are specific allergens like gluten or peanuts in a specific food, or get other health information like calories and sugars. Food Essentials has built the database over the last six years by collecting food label data and manually parsing the individual ingredients.

To get the free ScanLife application, go to from your BlackBerry browser or from App World.

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