BerryBuzz Updated to Version 3.2 with More App Support


BerryBuzz is an incredibly popular app that lets you customize LED notifications for a wide range of apps and device features. The app is really helpful in that it lets you keep your phone on silent and with a single glance you can see what sort of messages you’re getting. Recently, the app was updated to version 3.2 with the following:

  • BerryBuzz settings can now be opened right from the homescreen icon
  • Added support for Visual Voice Mail
  • Added support for IM+ Lite
  • Added support for SBSH Calendar Pro
  • Storing license key in backup file and prefilling the activation screen after restore
  • Moved ‘My Contact LEDs’ and phone group to the top
  • Merged SMS/MMS into ‘Text Messages’ on OS 6.0
  • Fixed group expansion state not correctly persisted
  • Fixed support for multiple contact lists
  • Fixed support for contacts from AT&T address book on BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • Minor changes to settings screen
  • Fixed reboot (battery pull) needed after initial installation
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you’re already a BerryBuzz v3.0 user, you can grab the update for free, or grab it from this store link.