Distimo Report Shows Falling App Prices But May Be Innacurate



The Distimo report covers all the major smartphone app stores and reports on some of the trends happening in terms of prices, downloads and user behavior. For developers, Distimo has a really useful app reporting service called Distimo Monitor, which tracks your apps downloads and purchases, and provides you with a nice visualization of your numbers. Hit the jump for some facts from the report:

Remember when BlackBerry App World had the most expensive apps out of any app store? When that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore and apps have come down in price. On the other hand, these numbers may not be entirely accurate because Distimo seems to be counting themes as apps which will alter the results.

According to the Distimo Report, App World has nearly as many low priced apps as Android and the iPhone, but does that seem right to you? Intuitively, we know BlackBerry apps are generally more expensive and it doesn’t seem like much has changed over the past few months. BlackBerry development is still costly so why would the price drop so significantly? The answer is clearly themes. Themes are easy to produce, cheap and they have flooded App World.

In terms of the highest ranked free apps, it’s no surprise that RIM is dominating the list with their own apps. Should RIM really be including themselves in these lists? Getting featured and having your app in a Top 10 list does great things for helping downloads and if you’re looking to help developers, don’t boot them off the list with your own apps.

There is nothing more frustrating than to see MemoryBooster on the top paid apps. It’s basically a scam and so is S4BB’s SignalBooster app.

Grab the latest version of the Distimo Report from their site.

  • Chris

    That BlackBerry App World shows falling prices is not surprising. App World 2.0 now allows vendors to price their paid apps as low as $0.99. The old minimum of $2.99 is gone. This has brought downward pressure on app prices as price competition has a new floor.