Freemium Antair DelayedSend App Lets You Time Delay Email Delivery



Antair make some quality apps for BlackBerry including a spam filter, call screener and an auto-responder (great for support emails). Their latest app is DelayedSend that allows you to create an email and delay its sending or schedule it for a particular time. The app integrates into your email application making it easy to delay emails sent.

To download the free version of DelayedSend, view this link in the store.

The paid version of DelayedSend costs $5.95 and it’s available from their site.

  • Hardened

    Great lil app - and very powerful … this brings one of the tiny few features of Outlook directly to the smartphone that was still missing for BB users both on BIS/BES.

  • Hardened

    BTW, this is Donny here from seriousmobile - long time follower and poster on this site.