ROAMpay Brings Square Style Mobile Payments to BlackBerry



Twitter co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s new venture Square has been generating a lot of buzz but the payment system isn’t available for BlackBerry. ROAMpay looks like a similar service, with a dongle that attaches to the headphone jack and allows you to accept credit card payments to your BlackBerry. ROAMpay allows you to:

  • Accept Visa®, Mastercard®, DiscoverNetwork® and more
  • Process on the Web (PC/Mac)
  • Process with Cell Phone
  • Record Cash Sales
  • Detailed Online Reporting
  • Email Receipts
  • Export to Spreadsheet
  • Customer Support
  • Access to myROAM

Check out this video of the service in action:

The ROAMpay Swiper looks like the perfect tool for sales people on the go. More information and pricing available on their site.

  • Caspan

    So Question I have is… “Does one need to have RIM give them access to the USB port like that or are there built in APIs to talk to the USB port” That is awesome!

  • Caspan

    Another question why would you advertise it and not allow me to sign up? I have a BlackBerry and I want to use this? wow bad launch to not have the product available when you you say it is!