Another Video of the PlayBook Shows Off Bezel Touchscreen


YouTube link

Today has been an awesome day for BlackBerry PlayBook video and information. Most recently, we’ve learned a few new things from the above video including:

  • The entire bezel is touch sensitive and can be used to swipe between apps and bring up menus.
  • The virtual keyboard and screen are multitouch. You can also get the keyboard in both landscape and portrait.
  • There are swipe gestures galore.

While the event is an Adobe event meant for developers, a lot of media have been showing up to take a look at the device. Even though they’ll tell you they got a “hands-on”, it looks like RIM isn’t letting anyone play around with it too much as the device isn’t ready for consumption. It would be cool to hear more about the APIs and features that will be available to developers. We’ll try and get you those details soon.