Dallas Police Department Release App for Reporting Suspicious Activity



The Dallas Police Department have launched an app called iWatch Dallas that gives citizens the ability to anonymously report “suspicious behaviors and activities”. The app is free and is geared toward public safety and community policing initiatives. Tips that are sent in through the app are investigated and police are deployed as needed. Apparently, iWatch Dallas has already led to arrests and further investigations.

For a country like the United States, which has the highest documented incarceration rate in the world, it doesn’t seem like the police have any trouble catching the “bad guys”. Also, asking citizens to report “suspicious behaviors and activities” sounds like extreme paranoia. What do you think of this kind of app?

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  • Yacoby54

    I don’t see where your skepticism comes in. This is no different than someone calling the police. It just makes it easier to report crimes now. How is that a bad thing?
    I will tell you this though, I would love to have this in Cleveland.

  • Ruthlessma

    I think it’s brillant ! Anything to make the deviant ne’er-do-wells nervous is a good thing. Keep the alert law abiding citizens well armed….& keep the criminals squirming.

  • DavidB

    Our cities and towns would be far better places if more people reported what they saw. It’s plainly NOT TRUE that the police have no trouble catching the “bad guys”. In many places across the country, criminals feel like they have carte blanche to do their nefarious activities without anyone bothering to report them. Making it easier for citizens to report criminal activity can only lead to safer neighborhoods.