Mobile Supremacy Suite Offers a Suite of Utilities at a Good Price


Majestic Media let us know about their Mobile Supremacy Suite, a set of BlackBerry utilities packaged into one app. The suite includes 10 apps that are all practical to use and buying the suite will definitely save you money if you plan on owning one or more of these types of apps. Here is a full list of the apps you get with the Mobile Supremacy Suite:

  • Call Manager: software to screen phone calls from colleagues, friends, family, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends
  • Multiple Alarms: Ability to name and set multiple alarms
  • Forward/Reply/Reply All with Edit: Send emails while editing their contents
  • Battery Monitor: Receive alerts when battery levels are low & see how much talk time or internet surf time you have left
  • Memory Monitor: Clear your RAM. See how much memory you have left
  • Quick Meeting: Schedule meetings in your email without leaving to check your calendar, the app checks for you
  • Dignity Saver: Receive alerts when you send an email with swear words
  • Network Speed: View your network speed over Wi-fi or the network
  • LED Indicator: Change the LED light for incoming calls
  • Trash Can: Undo deleted emails, contacts and calendar entries

Check out more information about the Supremacy Suite from their site. Also, grab it in BlackBerry App World.

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  • -M.

    Hey everyone,
    We know there’s been strong interest in the Torch 9800. We’re just testing out the OS to see if there’s any issues that might arise so you guys get a superior product. We should have it ready by the end of the month.



    Majestic Media

  • EpicWalrus

    Great! Would really love to get it for my Torch!

  • Pete Lopez

    Any love for the 9650 and Verizon? Tried to download it but said not available for my device or carrier……