Distimo Monitor Service Now Supports App World Scheduled Reports


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We reported not too long ago that BlackBerry App World had undergone some server updates in order to accommodate for digital goods and in-app purchases. During this upgrade phase, the reporting system was down for a brief time. Another ramification of the changes is that reporting now supports scheduled reports. Distimo let us know that their team has updated Monitor to work with the updated App World. Click through for an explanation of the changes and what to do if you’re a current Distimo Monitor user.

So what’s new?

Since December 6th Blackberry App World vendor portal report downloads have to be scheduled. When your requested report has been generated you will receive an email informing you that the scheduled report is ready to be downloaded. At Distimo we would prefer not to annoy you with these status e-mails every time we update your figures. To avoid this we now offer you the possibility to create a seperate reporting account in your Blackberry App World account using an e-mail address provided by Distimo Monitor. We are then able to use that account to import your reports without filling your inbox with unnecessary notification e-mails.

Do I have to change something?

We strongly encourage you to create a separate reporting account in order to speed up the process of importing new data. Also, if you do not create a separate reporting account you will receive all status e-mails in your personal inbox. Not only is this annoying for you but it means that the import of data will be delayed as we won’t receive the notification e-mails informing us when new reports are available.

How do I update my Monitor account?

To update your Monitor account, please login and proceed to the Settings panel. Select the “Applications” tab and click on “Add Applications”. After selecting the BlackBerry App World wizard, you should see an automatically generated e-mail address and password. Use these credentials to create a new reporting account within your BlackBerry account (further instructions on how to create a user inside your BlackBerry vendor portal are available in the wizard). Once you have created the new reporting account within the BlackBerry vendor portal click “Connect and Continue” and Monitor will start collecting data for your applications using the new account you just created. Once you have succesfully completed the wizard you can remove your old BlackBerry connection from your Monitor account as it will no longer be in use. That’s it!

Check out the Distimo Monitor service. It’s a free service that is very helpful for visualizing your App World data.