Wireless Merchant Mobile Accounting and Payment Solution Comes with Competitive Pricing


We talk a lot about mobile payment systems here at BlackBerryCool because it’s a fast growing industry with some pretty awesome implications for retail and business in general. The BlackBerry, being a secure and ubiquitous device, is the ideal platform for capturing mobile payments and we’ve recently come across a pretty awesome solution called Wireless Merchant.

Wireless Merchant is a two in one application for BlackBerry. The first application is a Credit Card Processing Module which allows merchants to process their clients’ credit cards and receive an authorization almost immediately. The second application is an Order Entry/Billing Module which integrates directly to back office accounting systems (Sage ACCPAC ERP, Sage BusinessVision and QuickBooks). This application brings the customers, items, pricing, taxes etc. into the BlackBerry and allows the merchant to process an Order, Invoice, Credit Note and/or a Quote while automatically updating their accounting system and creating a domino effect. All of this backend updating is done in real time.

If you’re a Wireless Merchant user and your client needs a physical copy, you can print or email the transactions to multiple sources. Wireless Merchant is also compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth scanners and printers.

Wireless Merchant has credit card processing is available in both Canada (TD Canada Trust, Chase Paymentech and Moneris) and in the US (Chase Paymentech, Vital, Fifth 3rd and more). The company let us know that they’re to update full chip and pin (EMV) by summer of 2011 and this will enable full debit and credit card transactions for both Canada and the US.

One of the best features of Wireless Merchant is the pricing. At $20 per user per month for the Accounting Billing Integration and $20 per user for Credit Card Processing, any business can recoup the cost of implementing very quickly.

If you want to demo the Wireless Merchant system, you can download a demo app free OTA and give it a shot. The demo app does not integrate anywhere but it shows off all the features.

Download the Wireless Merchant app OTA from this link.

  • MgallantMike

    We at Parsons Precast Inc. are a Client of Wireless Merchant, This software has improved the way we do business. Its fast, reliable and not expensive. The support is also amazingly fast. I highly recommend this software to any Company that is looking to be more efficient. Mike G.

  • http://www.magicaccounts.co.uk/about-us Accountants Birmingham

    The Blackberry is a safe device & available everywhere, this is the ideal platform for capturing mobile payments .Wireless Merchant is a two in one application for Blackberry.
    Credit Card Processing Module
    An Order Entry/Billing Module