Mike Lazaridis Talks More About PlayBook and Competitiveness

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When Mike Lazaridis appeared on Dive Into Mobile, the consensus seemed to be that a lot of the tough questions that were being asked were awkwardly dodged. During the above interview, Lazaridis talks about how multicore processing is going to be RIM’s major competitive advantage, and they’ve got smartphones in their lineup coming out with this multicore, QNX OS.

One interesting point that Lazaridis made about the PlayBook which we’re hearing more about is how the PlayBook stores data. Apparently, nothing is kept on the device and if you lose the PlayBook, nothing will remain on the device. This sounds like it could be great for security but hopefully it doesn’t take long for all the data to sync up.

During the interview, AllthingsD asks a few times if a BlackBerry will run Android. This seems like a strange question given the QNX acquisition was obviously intended to leapfrog the competition. Overall, this interview seemed to go much more smoothly.

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