RBC Banking App Now Available for Curve, Bold and Tour Devices


rbc banking app

RBC has launched a banking app for BlackBerry that lets you pay bills, transfer funds, check account balances, use Interac Email Money Transfers and locate branches and ATMs. TD Canada Trust has a banking app too, but the app requires the browser and it would be nice to have a native experience. We’re not sure if this app is a web link or not but either way it’s good to have a mobile banking solution from RBC.

What’s a little strange is that the app isn’t up in App World. You would think that they would want to get the most downloads possible and App World would be the best place for this. Either App World’s approval process takes too long and they rushed it on their own site, or maybe they don’t know about App World and the benefits of distributing through them. Hit the jump for the download info.

RBC’s banking app is compatible with the Blackberry Bold 9700, 9000, BlackBerry Curve 8900, 8530, 8520 and Tour. The app requires OS 4.6 or later

To download the app, head over to the RBC website or use this link to download OTA.

  • Xenos_gt

    This actually works on the Torch. Not the touch screen, but track pad does the job.

  • Asawchuk204

    Will it ever be available for the 9550 (Storm 2) ?

  • Zipael

    is there app available for Bold 9780?

  • Duzzer3

    Still waiting for it to work on the Storm 2!

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