Transpera Launches Video Advertising SDK for Developers


Transpera WPT Simple Demo video from Transpera on Vimeo.

Transpera let us know that they have a mobile video advertising network that has recently been updated and know supports all three major smartphone platforms, including BlackBerry. The platform allows developers to tap into an ad network that includes Ford Motor Company, Proctor & Gamble, Marriott, Microsoft and Paramount Pictures.

New features of the platform include:

  • InstaPlay™: Video ads download in the background, resulting in instant play back, eliminating any buffering, wait-times or stuttering.
  • IntelliCache™: Transpera’s proprietary multi-level caching technology ensures that ads aren’t repeatedly downloaded over mobile networks.
  • Optimized Communication: Transpera’s proprietary communication client server protocol ensures mobile video ads are delivered intact regardless of network availability or reliability.
  • Seamless Transition: Consumers are seamlessly brought into and out of the video ad-experience, without taking away from an in-app experience
  • Creative Execution for Mobile: Transpera’s mobile video ad-units have mobile specific calls to action that leverage the unique attributes of a mobile device, including click to call, click to locate, survey capabilities, social media sharing options and more.

RIM’s ad SDK could be a great alternative solution but if you have an app, you may as well dip your toes into a few networks and see what yields the best results. Some ad networks may be better tailored for your demographic. More information available from the company site.