Hootsuite Updated With Facebook Places, Foursquare and Twitter Locations


Hootsuite has been a long awaited BlackBerry app by many because of its great ability to manage so many different social networking accounts. The beta app has been decent but the app still needs some work. Performance enhancements and some UI work could go a long way to making this app a must-have. With the most recent update, Hootsuite has added:

Facebook Places – update your profile, including your geo-location info, using this ground-breaking integration
Foursquare check-in – let your friends know who’s the mayor of your favorite nest with this interactive location-based game
Twitter Locations – add neighborhood or venue data to your Tweets using Twitter’s native geo tools

Hootsuite is also now available in Japanese, French or Spanish, thanks to crowd-sourced translation project helpers.

Download the latest version of Hootsuite from hootsuite.com/blackberry.

Check out the official blog post from Hootsuite.