Magmic Talks About THK Live Growing Pains and Recent Server Fixes


THK Live

Magmic recently launched THK Live, the latest addition to the Texas Hold’em King franchise. The game features some interesting monetization methods including in app ads for other Magmic games, virtual goods and chips that can be purchased, all with a free download. While THK has been a success, it has almost been too successful. We spoke to Magmic about some of the user feedback we’ve been seeing regarding frozen tables and what seems to be server issues. Hit the jump to read the story.

Magmic: For the THK Live team at Magmic, the last few weeks have been dedicated entirely to figuring out and fixing the issues with the game. The solution we’ve come up with is not only add more servers to the game, but to beef those servers up enough that they’re capable of handling large numbers of users. Praise the code monkeys of Magmic Games!

We’re also aware that the faulty servers were only one half of a whole problem. Because of these glitches, we know a lot our users have lost a good chunk of their hard earned chips. We’ve been echoing the same tune for a couple of weeks, but as previously stated, we will be compensating all of our players as soon as we can ensure that the servers are stable so as to avoid any further loses. We assure you, compensation is coming!

Recently, we released version 1.08 of THK Live. This will be the patch that should remedy the bellyache that’s been plaguing the game for so long. We’re all crossing our fingers and toes that this will be the solution you’ve all been waiting for.

In closing, we want all our loyal users to know that we are endlessly grateful for your patience and understanding during this frustrating time. With yesterday’s update, we hope to see everyone back playing the best online mobile poker game for BlackBerry.

Happy gaming!


The THK Live Team

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