RIM Announces Built For BlackBerry Program for Accessory Manufacturers


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Today, RIM has launched a new program called Built For BlackBerry, which essentially allows certain accessory manufacturers to use the BlackBerry brand on their products. The program doesn’t offer anything new for the end user, but rather seems like a way to help certain brands differentiate themselves from the competition and leverage the BlackBerry brand to help sales. Members of the Built For BlackBerry Program include: Case-mate, Speck, Incipio, Otterbox, Tru Protection, iGrip, Vaja, Dicota and Trexta.

If you’re an accessory manufacturer in the Built For BlackBerry Program, you get access to technical, strategic and marketing support, which is a small bonus but nothing earth shattering. It actually sounds like the BlackBerry Alliance Program, which is a program that doesn’t offer much for developers and has them jump through a lot of hoops to work their way up the program.

Learn more about the Built for BlackBerry program by visiting builtforblackberry.com.

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