Mobihand Beta Testing AppVerse Social Network for App Discoveries



Mobihand is currently beta testing a new social network that lets people discover their mobile app discoveries called AppVerse. Mobihand has an enormous catalog of apps and accounts of users who purchased apps, and AppVerse adds a social layer to the app discovery process.

This is Mobihand’s second shot at socializing the app discovery process. We wrote about their first attempt, a partnership with Blippy, which lets you connect your Mobihand account and share app discoveries with your friends. AppVerse keeps the process in-house and lets you follow, review and rate your own favorite apps, track expert app reviews, and ask questions about apps that catch your eye. For developers, AppVerse lets you interact with users who buy, rate, and review your products - creating an ongoing, two-way dialog.

To try out AppVerse, head over to this link and give it a try.