BlackBerry PlayBook Product Manager Talks Bridge, Apps, and More

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Inside BlackBerry sat down with the PlayBook Product Manager Ryan Bidan to talk about some of the questions users have been asking about the PlayBook. Some interesting questions include:

Do you need a BlackBerry to own a PlayBook? No, the BlackBerry is a value-add to the PlayBook. Without a BlackBerry, you still get access to a great tablet with core features like smooth multitasking, Flash, games and more. With a BlackBerry, you get additional productivity features like email and calendar.
What is BlackBerry Bridge? Again, pairing your BlackBerry gives you a few extra productivity features in a secure manner. When you pair the devices, some PIM information is shared and when the connection is severed, that data is gone from the device.

It should be interesting to see how many people who don’t own BlackBerrys pick up the PlayBook. Are email, calendar and BBM integral to your tablet experience? We’ll see.

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