CES 2011: QNX Demos Concept Car with PlayBook Integration


At CES 2011, QNX had a concept car with their embedded OS and support for the PlayBook, BlackBerry and iPhone. The PlayBook demonstration was dipped in weak sauce and really only showed climate controls and some basic media player functionality. Other than that, the demo showed some pretty basic support for short text-based messages and a cross-platform user interface which could be embedded in a variety of different car models.

If this sort of system is going to work, it’s going to have to have a lot in the way of voice controls. You can’t have drivers using a touchscreen while driving. Also, RIM is going to have to figure out how the PlayBook, BlackBerry and car are all going to communicate email, calendar and app information so that it’s of use to the driver.

  • uCosom

    Awesome! This is exactly what I thought could be done with the Playbook when the formfactor was announced. You could use this as a central control center for a “smart home” as well. Just plug it in and control, lights, sound, heating/cooling, security etc…

  • Louisianafan

    I could definitely see this being used for a smart home. They were a big hit of this year’s CES. Reliant had one where they showcased their smart meters and in-home electric vehicle charging station for the Nissan Leaf.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the Nissan Leaf in Reliant Energy’s demo. Yeah, I could see this being used as a “control center” for a smart home. Reliant’s demo showed consumers how we will eventually be able to control our home using technology like this.