New Book: Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies

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brilliant blackberry apps

We got a tip about a new book by Corey Sandler, a prolific writer of Dummies series books in the gadget space. His latest book is Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies, and it’s selling for $14.81 on Amazon. The book walks you through a list of apps from various categories and how to download and purchase them. Some of the apps highlighted include:

Contacts Cleaner
Time Magazine
Sports Illustrated
CNN Money
Bank of America Mobile
Google Maps

Keep in mind that this book is in a “For Dummies” series and if you’re up on the blogs, you’re probably well in advance of this book. If you know someone who just got a BlackBerry and is looking for good apps, point them to the sites that cover the space, and maybe this book would be a good gift to complement the tips.

Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies is available at this link.

  • Brennanemma4

    Thanks for the tip! I don’t always want to sort through the thousands of Apps on the store. I took a peak at the book online - looking at the first chapter on Amazon. I will definitely get this book. The author has hand-picked the best apps by topic (Productivity, Games, News, etc…). The book will be a great reference this year!

    Thanks again!

  • 12gldnrngks

    I love the books put out by the Wiley publisher. Obviously, based on the sample list of Blackberry Apps that you outlined, this book will be worth the purchase. I will be placing an order tonight. I think that this type of reference will be better than the endless browsing that you can do on the App Store.

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