Seregon Announces DragonRAD Now Supports BlackBerry PlayBook


The DragonRAD platform is a rapid application development environment that simplifies and reduces the time and cost of developing enterprise applications for BlackBerry. DragonRAD helps developers integrate and sync backend systems with BlackBerry Platform features such as contacts, calendars, payments, location-based services, maps, camera, media players, and more. When we last wrote about DragonRAD, Seregon offered a draw for a $50 gift card to the BlackBerryCool Store for anyone that registers, watches and stays to the end of their webinar (offer still valid).

Today, Seregon let us know that they’re announcing support for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and making a call for beta participants. The launch of the beta program gives developers a faster and easier alternative to building native enterprise applications for the highly anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook.

Sign up to join the beta at this link.

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