Time for a New MySpace App or is the Social Network Dead?


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MySpace has been having its fair share of problems lately. The company has recently laid off around 40% of its staff, and there has been a continuous exodus of executives from the company to other ventures. The music-centric social network has recently redesigned itself as My[__] and focused its attention on socializing entertainment. My[__] wants users to register their favorite artists and entertainment, give recommendations and spend more time watching video and playing games on the site. But will all of this help the social network or is it dead in the water?

Perhaps now is a good time for someone to take the initiative and create a new My[__] app for BlackBerry. The old MySpace did a great job of being a social network for discovering new music and listening to your favorite songs that were difficult to find elsewhere. There are still a lot of artists that use My[__] to talk to their fans and communicate tour dates, but the MySpace app for BlackBerry was completely useless when it came to accessing this valuable content. RIM seems to have given up on the MySpace app, but maybe they should take a stab at the My[__] app for BlackBerry. If Facebook for BlackBerry or the original MySpace app is any indication of the quality of the My[__], perhaps a third party developer should take a shot at it. Too many developers think that just because RIM did it, they shouldn’t enter the market. This is definitely not the case and there are some really talented developers out there who could make a quality My[__] app.

What do you think? Is the new My[__] worth an app or is the social network dead? Perhaps another question should be: are website apps dead? With the PlayBook and QNX OS powered smartphones on the way, we may no longer have a need for a Facebook app. Full web fidelity is coming and these apps could have an end-of-life very soon.

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