UPDATED: Super Apps Developer Challenge Winners Getting Marketing Support


The winners of the 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund Super Apps Developer Challenge will soon be reaping the rewards of winning the challenge and working with App-Promo, a mobile PR agency, to promote their products across traditional and digital media. The 4 winners, 8 finalists and 16 semi-finalists from their respective regions will be featured in a marketing program that includes public relations, social media, mobile advertising, search engine marketing and in-store promotion.

Considering most of the apps that won the challenge are already well-known, it will be interesting to see if the PR company can actually help downloads/sales significantly. Sure, getting featured in App World will help, but that’s hardly any work on the part of App-Promo. In the end, a PR company can only do so much and apps are more likely to explode in popularity by viral means rather than traditional media advertising.

Hit the jump for the list of features:

BlackBerry “Super Apps” that will be featured in the campaign this week include:

Forum for BlackBerry
Love Indonesia
Aces Cribbage
Nobex Radio Companion
Navita Sports

BlackBerry “Super Apps” that will be featured in the campaign beginning on February 2nd include:

e-Mobile Today Professional for BlackBerry
Business Card Reader
mProductive™ To Do List
Vlingo Plus - Voice App
PRINZ Cityguide
Ramadhan Pocket Guide
Swiss Phone Book
Seesmic for Twitter
Orange Friendszone
The Hockey News
n-tv mobil
Harpers Bazaar

For more information, click here for a complete list of the 2010 BlackBerry Partners Fund “Super Apps” Challenge Regional Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists.

UPDATE: We got an email about our post regarding how App-Promo is going to help these apps grow in terms of downloads. Here is their explanation:

As you might imagine, we’ve put in a tremendous amount of effort supporting 28 Super App Winners! Our campaign includes public relations, mobile advertising creative development and media buys, the design and development of Facebook apps and pages and search engine marketing to drive downloads.

We’ve pitched quite a few BlackBerry Apps through public relations campaigns and have watched the download numbers jump significantly when they’ve been featured in publications such as BlackBerry Cool and others. Mobile advertising, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and search have also been effective channels for boosting app downloads and we expect to have similar results with Super Apps campaign.

We’ve emailed them back asking for specifics about whether these campaigns are effective and we’ll update. The question really boils down to whether a PR company is going to help your app downloads to a point that justifies the expense. App developers are doing a great job of managing the PR themselves because the industry is so viral, you don’t necessarily need a PR company.

App marketing is pretty easy as a one-man shop:

If you email blogs about your app - they’ll write about you.
If you’re in App World - you’ll get featured.
If you sell your app on multiple channels - you’ll optimize downloads.

And most importantly:

If your app is good - it will get lots of downloads.

UPDATE: Here are some specifics from App-Promo:

We’ve worked on the creation of the mobile ad units for all of the 28 winners. Each of the Semi-Finalists receive $3k, Finalists $6k and Winners $10k in advertising spend. RIM is paying for the actual media buys. The ads are currently running on sites such as CNN Mobile, Millenial Media and Yahoo. They are targeted to BlackBerry smartphone users.

Here are some samples:

mobile ad

We’ve also created Facebook apps for the Finalists and Winners (above). For the sign-up app, the first screen is what the user will see before they have liked the page. The second is what they will see after they have liked the page.

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