Starbucks Now Accepts Mobile Payments Across the US


Starting yesterday, Starbucks’ 6,800+ stores have begun to accept mobile payments, meaning you can now use the Starbucks Card Mobile app from your BlackBerry across the US. Previously, we reported that the mobile payments program was limited to pilot stores in San Francisco, Seattle and New York, and it looks like the pilot was a success.

The Starbucks app uses 2D barcodes because of their ubiquity and while North America is still far behind Asia in barcode adoption, the technology is still growing quickly. Future mobile payment systems will likely use NFC chips, but since the technology hasn’t yet reached critical mass, barcodes are currently the best option.

To download the Starbucks app, grab it from their site at this link.

  • Enots

    When will this be available in the uk. I want this app.

  • Jeff Bacon

    I delve into how this is the first step to a much larger long term mobile payments revolution on my blog here:

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