XIMAD Launches Bubble Birds Premium Arcade Game


XIMAD let us know that they’ve launched a new BlackBerry game called Bubble Birds Premium. The game is in the style of the popular bubble shooter arcade games where you have to match up colors and clear the screen. Reviews on App World are pretty solid so far and the price is really reasonable at $1.99. Considering the game is called “Bubble Birds Premium” we may expect a “Lite” version soon. Check Bubble Birds out in App World.

Any chance the company is looking to cash in on the fact that “Birds” is now a popular name in smartphone gaming? Maybe birds are just cute and make great mascots.


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  • Vadim

    Funny and very attractive game. The graphics are very vivid. Well done!

  • Karry

    go-go sweeties!love you a lot

  • Tom

    Nice game, I had so much amusement to shoot poor birds:-)
    The game is very dynamic,with life-asserting colors and great sound track.

  • Mermaid

    Nasty birds - they made me keep playing all the times…

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