Fixmo Tools Goes Version 2.0 with More Utilities Packed in 1 App



Fixmo Tools is a powerful all-in-one utility app that packs a bunch of small features into a single app. Currently, there are a few of these apps on the market and they’re all racing to pack the most features into their app. The app now includes media backup features from the developers at Chocolate Chunk apps, as well as a screenshot and some reminder features. Hit the jump for more features:

New Features in Fixmo Tools 2.0:

  • UI Improvements across all the applications
  • Wifi File Transfer - Transfer files to and from a PC or Mac directly to your BlackBerry using only Wifi and your computers browser (former Chocolate Chunk App)
  • Wifi Media Backup - Seamlessly back-up the photos, videos and voice-notes on your Blackberry to your Windows PC (former Chocolate Chunk App)
  • Remote Print - Print emails, photos, contacts, memos, office documents and more directly from your BlackBerry to your printer over WiFi (or through BES) (former Chocolate Chunk App)
  • RemindmeLater - Schedule a reminder in your calendar for a meeting, email, SMS and more
  • Screenshot - Capture a simple screenshot from any application from within the application menu. The captured screenshot is stored within the device’s pictures folder
  • Memo - Create a list to-do items that are posted directly on top of the background of your BlackBerry display

Fixmo Tools is aggressively priced at $9.99 for new users and $4.99 for existing users. More information about Fixmo Tools available at this link.

  • Matthew_warden

    Anyone know the steps to upgrade if you already have 1.5? Everything I find wants me to pay the $9.99 instead of the promo $4.99 price for people who own already.

  • Fixmo Inc.

    Hi Matthew,

    It will depend on how you purchased 1.5. If you purchased it through MobiHand, you should be able to go to the site and click the “buy an upgrade” button.

    If you purchased 1.5 through BlackBerry App World, then you will have to wait a day or so until our application completes the approval process. You should then be able to login and have an option specifically to upgrade.

    Let us know if you have any problems. We’ve had huge demand for the upgrade and we’ve heard that the MobiHand experience is a little unintuitive.


    Fixmo Team