More Details on Upcoming BES 5.0.3′s BlackBerry Balance Features


blackberry balanceblackberry balance

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about BlackBerry Balance, especially from Jim Balsillie who mentioned it on the quarterly earnings call. With the 5.03 update to BES, we’re expecting some pretty cool features from RIM that will allow employees to “balance” their work life from the personal life on their device.

With BES 5.03, IT admins will be able to delete corporate data from your BlackBerry, without touching data that is deemed to be personal. BlackBerry Balance can also remove corporate IT policies from the device. Another feature of Balance is a series of safeguards to make sure your personal and work life don’t interact. Balance will protect from emailing both personal and corporate contacts at once, as well as prevent from cutting/copying/pasting/etc. work data into personal applications or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) personal Web mail.

These features are going to go a long way to dealing with today’s smartphone reality. Employees are using these devices for much more than work and getting emails, and it’s good to see a host of solutions to deal with this fact. Read more about BES 5.0.3 and BlackBerry Balance from CIO.

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