Free Voice to Email Dictation App Dragon for Email Now Available in Canada

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Dragon for Email is a cool app that lets you dictate your emails on your BlackBerry. With this free app, there’s no need to type, and if you’re a Storm user, it’s particularly helpful because you don’t have to use the virtual keyboard. Nuance Communications, the developers of Dragon for Email, let us know that the app is now available in Canada. The app is currently available for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Bold 9700 on the Rogers Wireless network; and BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) on the TELUS network.

If you’re in the US, Dragon for Email is available for the Tour, Storm and Storm2 on Verizon; the Bold and Curve series on AT&T; and the Curve and Bold series on T-Mobile.

When reading App World reviews, it was funny to come across a user who said “if you’re from the South, don’t bother.” We like to poke fun at the fact that dictation software has always had issues dealing with various dialects, and nothing sums it up better than the issues Scottish people face. Can Dragon for Email deal with your accent? We found it handles Canadian quite well.

Check out Dragon for Email, free in App World.

  • Don Strevel

    I would love this! I will look into it tommorrow and use it hopefully.
    Don in Las Vegas

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