Play Entanglement and Other HTML5 Games Out-of-the-Box on PlayBook


Something awesome to know about the PlayBook is that it will be able to play HTML5-based games right out of the box. In the most recent WebWorks SDK, we learned of an HTML5 game that’s really fun called Entanglement by Gopherwood Studios. It’s interesting to note that while RIM is promoting the fact that the BlackBerry developer community has 4,000 apps ready for the PlayBook launch, this obviously doesn’t include the thousands of HTML5 apps that will also be available through the browser. It’s a lot like how the media criticizes RIM for only having 16,000 or so apps in App World, when that doesn’t include all of the apps being distributed outside of RIM’s main channel. Again, openness will prevail.

  • Kevin J. Shutt

    What’s the word about all those reports coming out from the tech media that PlayBook will be DOA when it launches because it MUST have a BB in order to work, or work with enterprise systems? Are they mixing up their facts or did I miss something?

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I love this game…

  • John Frolm

    I also heard this, that people are saying it must have BB normal functionality. It’s a tablet, so games is number one.