RIM Introduces BlackBerry Trade-Up Program in the US

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RIM has introduced a new program called the BlackBerry Trade-Up Program for customers in the US. The new program allows existing BlackBerry customers who purchase a new, eligibile BlackBerry, to get money back for trading in their existing eligible BlackBerry. The offer only applies to specific models so be sure to check the site to make sure if your device is eligible.

The program is a great way to reward customer loyalty and it’s surely going to be a hit. Is it possible RIM will be doing anything with the devices that are sent in? There might be a few pieces of hardware that can be recycled, but not much.

To read more about the program, check out blackberrytradeup.com.

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    like no work

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    link not working

  • http://www.blackberrycool.com/ Kyle McInnes

    Apparently it doesn’t work unless you put “www”. Incredible we still have to deal with that stuff in 2011.

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