Tawkon Now Available Free with Premium Version on Sale for 50% Off

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Tawkon is an app that addresses the cell phone radiation paranoia that has been a hot topic of discussion in the media for some time. Whether or not cell phones emit a level of radiation that has any significant effect on humans is still inconclusive, but some governments have already responded to the consumer fear.

Recently, the company had some pretty major announcements including:

1. Tawkon is now free for BlackBerry - The full-featured tawkon is available on all supported BlackBerry phones. An ad-free version is still available for $9.99 (one-time).
2. The premium version of Tawkon which does not have ads is on sale for $4.99.
2. More device support – tawkon now works on: Torch 9800, Bold 9780, 9000, 9700, Curve 9300, 8900, 8520 and the Pearl 9100, 9105. Tawkon also supports both OS 5.0 and OS 6.0.
3. Post call stats – tawkon has introduced a new feature to help monitor radiation exposure. A quick post-call summary showing call stats including how much radiation you’ve been exposed to (tRi) and the % avoided during that call.

It’s great that Tawkon offers a free version and the fact that they can support the development costs with in-app ads is even better. The in-app ads just advertise the paid version, and are only a little frustrating.

Grab the free version of Tawkon at this link.

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    Please stop promoting this rubbish…

  • Guest

    Error in post. It does not support the Bold 9780.

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