RIM Confirms Acquisition of Contact Management Company Gist

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Back in December we heard rumors that RIM was in talks to acquire the contact management provider Gist and today it has been confirmed. Gist, which surprisingly doesn’t even have a BlackBerry app (unlike Xobni), has been acquired for an undisclosed sum. The company has likely been acquired to help RIM do some new and creative things with their contact management system and Address Book.

Gist hasn’t been around for long, having only launched in 2008 as a free web app that let you manage personal and professional contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce.com, among other sources.

So what can we expect from this Gist and RIM partnership?

Gist takes all of the network information from your inboxes and ranks and prioritizes contacts much like Xobni does. For users with lots of contacts, this system helps you more quickly access the contacts you interact with most frequently. According to Alan Brenner, senior VP of BlackBerry Platform: “We’re excited that the Gist team is joining RIM and bringing their expertise in providing customers with a contextualized, streamlined and consolidated view of information about their contacts to the BlackBerry platform.”

Did RIM make the right choice or could they have gotten more from a Xobni acquisition? Maybe they did attempt to acquire Xobni but found Gist was a better deal. Considering the amount of praise Xobni gets from BlackBerry users, it could have been an exciting partnership.

You can also read the Gist Blog for more info.

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