Nokia Considered Using BlackBerry OS Before Jumping to Microsoft


Nokia N8

According to TC Europe, Nokia had explored the idea of incorporating the BlackBerry OS into Nokia smartphones. According to TC’s sources, Nokia explored all three potential operating systems (Android, Windows and BlackBerry) in tandem. According to sources, RIM was apparently uninterested in the partnership and Nokia chose to go with Microsoft in the end. Microsoft is also apparently paying big bucks for Nokia to use their OS.

There are a number of reasons why RIM wouldn’t agree to a partnership with Nokia. Perhaps there were security implications with using Nokia hardware and RIM’s OS, or perhaps RIM didn’t like tying their brand to a product they didn’t believe in.

Does this mean anything for RIM in terms of competition? The Windows Phone OS will likely see a bump due to a few more Nokia smartphones in the mix but North American users aren’t buying Nokia now, and it’s not clear if this sort of partnership will change anything for the foreseeable future. “Two turkeys do not make an eagle.”

  • Tamal Mukherjee

    Nokia CEO also said it’s now “3 horse race”. So is he really discounting RIM and QNX?! Assuming next Nokia wp7 phone will be available sometime next year, RIM really need to catch up! if PB released after iPad 2 and all the Honeycomb tables, RIM will be in difficult situation. Also, pricing is the key!

  • Caspan

    Good call RIM. If you want to keep secure keep being the hardware manufacturer. this would of been a huge mistake, quantity does not mean quality. I would so much rather rim be in 3rd place and be the most secure device in the world then be #1 and have my device hacked in 6 minutes….

  • Caspan

    I am starting to find pricing as long as it is within a range is fine. I don’t think pricing is that huge of a issue unless it is way off like a $1000. but if it is within a range of $400-$650 then most people wont care. When you are paying that much money you are a power user and are not going to be turned off by $100. if there are people that will turn their nose up at $100 are a very low percentage in my opinion.

    The only problem is if you could get a different device at a cheaper cost, that’s where pricing will matter.

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