BlackBerry News Feeds App 1.01 Now Available in Beta Zone

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The BlackBerry News Feeds app is a pretty cool RSS reader for your BlackBerry. The app is a little redundant for BlackBerry 6 users, but RIM probably wanted users to have something for the OS 4.6 to OS 5 users. Even if that was the reason, it seems like a waste of time considering there are third party RSS readers. In any case, the latest update to the News Feeds app includes:

  • Ability to delete all prior articles when viewing a feed or viewing “All Unread Items”.
  • Ability to mark the list of items as read when viewing a feed or viewing “All Unread Items”.
  • If you swipe left or right in a feed, the screen now moves to the previous or next item in the feed.
  • Ability to zoom in on images and text in feed items.
  • New message, wireless network, and battery (while charging) indicators appear in the app’s header.

Something that is missing is more import functionality. You should be able to integrate the app with Google Reader as well as your browser. Manually adding feeds is a bit of a pain.

You can always check out version 1 of the News Feeds app in App World at this link.

Sign up for the Beta Zone at

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