Lets You View and Read Backup IPD Files Online


berrygrab is a cool site we haven’t covered yet. The site is designed to display the data stored on your BlackBerry in a readable and user-friendly way. This is done through an IPD file, which is created when you backup your BlackBerry using the Desktop Software. Once you have the IPD file, you can export the data to a .CSV format, allowing you to make use of the PIM data such as contacts, calendar, BBM, call logs, SMS and more. Another benefit to this service is that your backups are stored online, meaning you can retrieve them if you lose your harddrive for whatever reason.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this a bit risky, uploading all your private BB data to some web site?

  • Claude

    Just as safe as being on your own computer.

  • Anonymous


    Why? You’re not worried about someone who works at this web site looking at your data? Or someone hacking into this web site’s servers and looking at your data?

    It certainly seems a lot less safe than looking at it on my own computer.

  • Claude

    Not worried about anyone looking at my data no, the moment they attempt to do anything with it they’d get caught out and the whole company shut down, I don’t think they’d be that stupid.

    Plus if your worried about your messages when you create an IPD file just pick the relevant databases, so if you only want to view contacts, only upload an IPD file containing the contacts database.

    An average web server will be a hell of a lot more secure than the average home users computer.

    There’s a lot of pros and cons for and against viewing your data online as opposed to on your computer but I think its the best solution out there at the moment for viewing ipd file data.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the site could only do it once and then it would get shut down. But it could be a scam in the making.

    As for the average web server being a lot more secure, I totally disagree. I’ve seen lots of stories in the mainstream media about massive databases getting broken into and all the customer data getting stolen. Your home computer is a heckuva lot more secure than some startups web server, not because it has all sorts of active security (firewalls), but because it is so small that it’s not worth it for a hacker to try to get into. With a lot of people uploading all their data to one server, it makes it a much more tempting target and more likely to be attacked.

    Good point about just uploading non-sensitive IPD files. Should be a recommended way of using this web site.

  • Claude

    I don’t think it would be a big scam in the making, you have to provide legitimate, verified details for SSL certificates.

    Plus web software as a service is a lot more dynamic, which I feel is great. There’s been a lot of changes and updates to the site as I’ve been using it.

    Don’t let the media fool you into a panic state, the data in IPD’s is largely personal as opposed to security sensitive I’d imagine. Not many people even password protect their phone!

    As interesting as our discussion is I feel it’s going a bit off topic though.

    It’s the best things going at the moment for viewing IPD files if you ask me. They may develop it to a standalone peice of software too, which would please both sides of the discussion :)

  • Chris

    Once you’ve uploaded data onto the site - how do you delete it? Say, i want to remove data?

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