BlackBerry World Session Catalog Now Live


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The BlackBerry World Session Catalog is now live and it looks like this conference, despite the rebrand, is still very much geared towards large enterprise. This makes sense as RIM will likely save the more consumer-level news and sessions for the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which is conveniently located in San Francisco. This year’s conference is focused on business, IT, and development needs, as well as the tablet’s impact on the office of tomorrow.

The WES Tracks at BlackBerry World include:

  • BlackBerry Products and Deployments
  • The BlackBerry Solution for your Organization and Industry
  • Mobile Strategy: The Key Trends Shaping Decisions in 2011

Some of the Channel Tracks include:

  • Tapping Into the Consumer Market
  • Targeting the Enterprise Opportunity
  • Gaining Competitive Edge in the Small to Medium Sized Market

Head over to the BlackBerry World Conference page for more details.