Derek Ting, CEO of Enflick, Talks About Their 8M User-Base IM Client


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I sat down with Derek Ting, CEO of Enflick, the makers of PingChat! to talk about their 8M strong app. The guys at Enflick have a strong team and the founders are all in their early 20s. Not too long ago, the company announced some metrics about their PingChat! app that are incredibly impressive.

One of the more interesting aspects of PingChat!, which we discuss in the video, is that the fact that Enflick is able to support a network of 8M users sending media to each other with just 2 revenue sources. The in-app ads in their iOS and Android builds, as well as some revenue from another app they sell, is all the money they need for infrastructure. A great example of leveraging ads and a product portfolio to grow your business.

Keep in mind that while this is posted on YouTube, there’s not much to see in the video; it’s all in the audio. If there’s any interest in these, I can post more with other companies in the near future. Hit the jump to check out an infographic about PingChat’s success.