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Kompass for Basecamp Closes Beta and Goes Premium



We’ve been following Kompass for Basecamp for some time now because Basecamp is a popular tool for small business to stay organized and manage projects, and Kompass has provided a solid mobile component. The app uses a web interface rather than a mobile app because small companies tend to have more fragmentation than large companies and the web is a common thread.
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An App Like Color Needs to be Cross-Platform


Color Demo from Color Labs, Inc. on Vimeo.

Color is an interesting app that uses your location to share photos that are being taken around you. The company got a lots of attention because they raised $41 million dollars and they were a social product with no users. But it’s the team at Color and the potential for the app that seems to be driving the investment.
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Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Updated


Google Mobile app 3.9.7

The Google Mobile App has been updated to version 3.9.7 for BlackBerry and it’s not clear what exactly is new. It could just be a few bug fixes or performance improvements, but Google should really just release a changelog. BlackBerry users are still looking for some Google Goggles support so hopefully this comes soon.
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50 Invites for the GroupMe 2.0 BlackBerry Beta Available



GroupMe has offered 50 BlackBerryCool readers the opportunity to get in on the 2.0 beta build for BlackBerry. In this latest version of GroupMe, the app features in-app chat, which will allow users to send messages over their data connection, entirely within the app and will use push notifications. Also, the new app has a cleaner UI, and GroupMe made improvements to overall performance.

Head over to the GroupMe blog and use the passcode “bbcool” (sans quotes) to register for the 2.0 beta. Remember, GroupMe is only available for US residents right now.

Also, here’s a little tip for those in the beta: choose “Push” mode for background notifications, or “SMS” mode to use less battery life.

Deal of the Day: SixTools Adds More Features to Your BlackBerry



SixTools is a cool app by ShaoSoft that adds some extra features to your BlackBerry. The app is currently the deal of the day and is priced at 50% off. For the current price of $1.99, SixTools adds the following features to your device:

  • Ability to assign applications to your Volume, Mute and Play keys, essentially giving you three extra convenience.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Sound effects for your Torch sliding mechanism.
  • Ability to toggle the intro video that goes on forever after an OS update.
  • Toggle the message prompt for connecting your BlackBerry via USB.

Check out the deal of the day at this link.

Comparing the BlackBerry, Android and iOS 2011 Developer Conferences


Oracle OpenWorld
It’s interesting to note that while these conferences are selling out and creating scarcity, companies like Oracle is opening its conference to well over 40,000 attendees.

This is an interesting year for Developer Conferences. Everyone is fast converting to smartphones, all the major manufacturers are expanding their portfolio of form factors to new screen types and sizes (eg tablets), and there’s some convergence going on where you can not only build once and deploy on multiple platforms, but RIM has even announced support for Android apps on the QNX OS. The industry is moving at a fast pace and there’s no shortage of people interested in the respective Developer Conferences. So how do they compare?
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