BlackBerry PlayBook Rumored to Launch April 10th



Rumor has it that the PlayBook will become available in retail outlets on April 10th. Also, the QNX OS will go gold on March 31st, and when you take the device out of the box and first boot it up, you’ll be prompted to upgrade the OS. The 10 days isn’t much to make sure developers have a stable app on the PlayBook, but if you can test and update in App World right away, you should be good.

It’s not clear how the iPad 2 will impact sales of the PlayBook but it’s most likely to have a somewhat negative impact considering the iPad 2 ships a full month before the PlayBook (March 11th). The PlayBook market is a little guarded because it will be launching to enterprise and BlackBerry users, with the radio versions coming out shortly afterwards. But who will buy the radio versions when there are several other radio connected tablets on the market? It could be that consumers have read a lot about what’s on the market and regardless of shipping dates, will wait for the tablet they feel is right for them.

  • online stores

    I was a big fan of Blackberry and was waiting for Xoom and Playbook.But the prices of Xoom and Playbook are relatively high so i will wait for the IPAD to be released soon and will probably go with it.

  • Jeff Bacon

    I can’t wait for the PlayBook. Using it here at GDC to play Need for Speed has been a great experience. The OS feels pretty smooth to me but I want to get a chance to play with the PIM apps. Sounds like I can tether to 3G via BT or WiFi via my iPhone so I can get back to using good PIM apps (BlackBerry) vs the awful ones on the iPhone and still retain my iPhone R&D platform.