Rumor: BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android



Rumor has it that RIM will be opening BlackBerry Messenger to Android and iOS. It’s not clear what their strategy is, but it looks like they might offer a watered-down version of BBM to other platforms, with more features like video and picture sharing available only to BlackBerry users, or for a fee. In general, the move makes a lot of sense because it would allow all smartphone users to communicate with each other without using SMS. The “Messenger” app would be a huge success but it would be strange for RIM to charge anything for this service. With respect to RIM’s total revenues, whatever money the messenger app would generate would be insignificant compared to device sales. If the strategy was to leverage messenger to sell more devices, that might be more fruitful for the company.

Read more about the rumor here.

  • G Gabriels

    If thats the case then I would get an iPhone next or an Android one. BBM is one of the reasons why I currently have a blackberry.
    Ball in RIMs court.

  • Ashley Armitt

    I agree… BlackBerry messenger is a huge reason for holding onto BlackBerry. If RIM were smart they would be definitely moving down the watered down version (think BBIM 1.0, similar to basic PIN messaging) with no option to upgrade to any of the added features, get them addicted to basic instant, always on, brilliant messaging then when the try it on a BlackBerry, they will be blown away. As you mentioned above, the purchase of a non BB device just for BBIM could be bad for RIM.

  • inmyopinion

    I think that this is not a good idea. Blackberry became a hit because of the Blackberry Messenger, which is exclusive only to BB users. If RIM would open it to Android and iOS, they might lose their customers. And the exclusivity of BBM would be gone. *just my opinion*