Love What You Do: RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer Resigns


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RIM’s chief marketing officer, Keith Pardy, has just resigned, citing “personal reasons” for his departure. The resignation is terrible timing as RIM is in a critical phase for marketing as the company launches its first tablet and begins a transition to a QNX OS. Even though the resignation may have nothing to do with events at the company, the resignation doesn’t bode well considering how much marketing is needed in the coming months. Apparently Pardy will stay on for the next 6 months to help transition in somebody new. Hopefully the new marketing officer will do a great job of promoting the “new” BlackBerry.

  • Joe

    Does RIM still have an advantage in business environments?
    A few years ago, in our company, we adopted BB’s due to the BES (when only push email was avbl). Today, many of our employees use iPhones, Droids, etc. and have no problems with emails (sync’ing, folders, etc) and Outlook synchronization. It seems that the only advantages remaining for RIM are corporate security and IT control. Is this an accurate observation? One employee after another is dumping his or her BB and upgrading to a smartphone.