BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform Now Available in Beta


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Back the BlackBerry Developer Conference we heard that RIM would be releasing the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform. The BBM Social Platform is now available in beta for developers, allowing them to add social features to their apps that leverage BBM. In the beta release, developers can:

  • access and update fields in the user’s profile such as status, avatar and personal message;
  • create their own custom areas within the user’s profile for promoting recent application activity or storing trophies and achievements;
  • initiate and embed chats with friends;
  • initiate application-to-application background communication through BBM for sending and receiving application instructions, such as moves in a game or any other application state changes;
  • initiate file transfers;
  • the ability to share applications virally with friends in their contact list.

It will be great to see how this program progresses as BBM will help developers make apps that spread virally though the BBM network. The BBM Social Platform is also going to evolve as developers and users start using it in new and interesting ways.

Read more about the program at Inside BlackBerry.

  • Carlos A García V

    Certanly, hey did mentioned that in the BB Dev Conf, but somehow kept the details secret. Now, looking at the Whatsapps sucess, they need to renew the BBM quickly. I believe this is the right move, as social is becoming mandatory to every smartphone.

  • Michael S.

    Keep your Game up RIM!

  • online shopping uk

    BBM Social Platform looks great. It is wise move by RIM to include the social media Platform to its devices..

  • Edward

    Great post! I personally own a Blackberry and cant wait to see how this feature can better business and user prospects. Thanks BB.


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