5 Ways RIM Can Improve the BlackBerry App World Carousel


The App World carousel is one of the most important features in the storefront because it gives certain apps a temporary spotlight which drastically increases their downloads. A single feature can go a long way to propelling your app forward and getting some momentum. That being said, there’s a few things RIM can do with the carousel to make it better for both developers and consumers.

1. Remove the holiday branding

Although RIM might think that consumers want their holiday branding, I personally think it’s a little childish and tacky. The St Patrick’s Day holiday branding that is going on right now gives all the apps a consistent cartoon brand, which is really lame considering how much time developers might spend perfecting their logo and making their brand recognizable. Also, it seems that RIM has taken out the logo banners that say “Regional Selection” which is a way for developers to promote their app’s quality. Why RIM thinks that developers or consumers benefit from this is a little strange.

2. Stop promoting BlackBerry Messenger

It’s sort of funny how BBM gets a featured spot in the App World carousel. Not only does it take away a spot that could be given to another app, but it also doesn’t really make sense. Who has App World on their device but doesn’t know about BBM or would benefit from seeing BBM in the featured spot on the carousel. Is being featured on the device homescreen not enough?

3. Consider only promoting apps with great reviews

While it’s great to see a lot of variety in the carousel, RIM should consider a quality barrier for featuring apps. By making sure that only those apps which have been rated highly make it to the top, the overall user experience will be improved. To implement something like this, we would have to see RIM dramatically improve the app rating system with something similar to what Yelp does.

4. No need to reboot App World to see latest features

It’s odd that a company like RIM that is constantly promoting push technology, has an app storefront that makes you reset it to see the latest features. It would be cool if users got a notification that there are cool new apps in the feature carousel, or at least promoted the fact that new features usually arrive on a Friday.

5. Customization

RIM has a wealth of knowledge about our app downloads and preferences. Why isn’t that leveraged? If a user downloads a lot of themes, this should be encouraged with some great themes featured in the carousel. If the device sees that I’m someone in sales, the carousel could feature some great CRM apps. Also, with SXSW currently going on, App World could be featuring apps to help navigate the conference (or any conference for that matter).

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    Great list Kyle one I would add is remove apps that I already have installed! I agree though about the Holiday theme around an icon. If i was an artist and I perfected this icon to look its best and someone goes and puts something on top of it I would not be happy. Sure your getting free advertising but its like you can go on stage but only if you don’t look your best so either sit in the crowd or look silly on stage.

  • Kyle

    How about top 25 apps not already on my device? Top 25 is great if you are new but once you have been there you are aware of all of these.

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    I could not agree more with points 1 and 3. Occasionally some application with dreadful reviews manages to slip in.

  • Randy Jones

    As author of the ReportAway! for FreshBooks app shown in the article, I was profoundly disappointment by the St. Patricks day adornment on my logo. Frankly it makes the logo look like a joke and my valued partner FreshBooks would likely not be amused either.

    When I signed the App World agreement, I had to agree to all kinds of conditions to preserve and respect RIMs marks and logos. I understand and respect why that is required.
    So why is it ok for RIM to screw with mine without notice?

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    RIM should also consider the politically incorrect and potentially offensive nature of putting Christmas branding on a Muslim Quaran app. Assuming they’re going to continue with this. Or perhaps apps with religious connotations don’t get featured during these times which is also disappointing.

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Awesome example of how a little customization can go a long way to promoting the right app.

  • Brandon Fluharty

    Great ideas. Burt one of the issues is that some app developers bribe yoyu with free updates in exchange for five stars. This taints the qualitative screening process.

  • Fred

    Point 1 is right and it has no retail bricks and mortor analog so why are they doing it. Retail stores do dress up their store, but they don’t mess with a product’s brand. This ain’t rocket science but why is the RIM AppWorld group doing this?

  • Sglavich130

    Top 25 is always the same. Maybe add a Gold, Silver, Bronze or some variation for archiving apps in the top 25 for a certain period of time. This way new users can download the most popular apps and longtime users will have some variety.

  • Damacon

    so true…