Collect Your Favorite Spots and Share Them With Whatser


Whatser - New Design from Whatser on Vimeo.

Whatser is a cool company that was at SXSW representing their location based service that lets you collect your favorite local spots and share them with your friends. The app is available across all three platforms: iOS, Android and BlackBerry, and it’s a fun way for local scene mavens to share the coolest spots in town with friends.

One of the more useful aspects of Whatser is discovering great new places from people you know in cities that you don’t live in. For example, I may live in Ottawa and have a friend in New York City whose opinion I value and thus can check his Whatser account for a list of places that would be great to visit. A downside of the service is that like any location startup, it’s generally big cities that gain first while smaller cities that may not have as many early tech adopters, will not get as much value out of the service.

On a side note, much respect to Whatser for their hustle at SXSW. The team had a Green Man walking around getting a lot of pics snapped and getting them some really cheap and effective marketing.

Head over to to grab download links for all three platforms.

  • Paul

    Remarkable new app. I always forgot where the nice places like restaurants were. Now I’m able to collect them in my phone, and even share them with my friends. All over the world. I’ll never forget where to find them anymore.