Shazam Implements Social Sharing Options for iOS and Android


Have you ever been listening to a song and wanted to know what it is? Shazam solves that very issue by letting you “tag” a song and discover the name, artist and album of the song in question. Having used the BlackBerry app for many months, we can say that it works nearly flawlessly and it’s a must have app for any music enthusiast.

Today, Shazam let us know that they’re announcing a major social sharing update to the app for iPhone, iPad and Android called Shazam Friends. The update allows users to discover and share new music with their friends on Facebook. For some reason Shazam has only rolled out social sharing over Facebook it seems, which, considering it’s a mobile service, you would think Twitter would be the first choice.

This sort of socializing music discovery has been going on for some time and this announcement is very timely considering we just announced AppVerse in the BlackBerryCool Store.

While Shazam is an amazing app, the UI for the app has always felt a little awkward. For example, the term “tag” seems a little too much like a term used internally but doesn’t make much sense to the laymen. Couldn’t it just be called “detect” or “discover”? Other elements that could be improved include more recognizable icons, better song management, a better use of homescreen space and a desktop client would be really killer.

No word on when this feature is rolling out for BlackBerry but we’re hoping soon. To grab Shazam, head over to for all the download links.

  • papped

    Why you would want this on a song lookup tool is beyond me…

    It makes more sense to share from the media player that you are currently playing a song from, which Hypoxia for example does over twitter already