Download Statistics and Other Recent Figures Surrounding App World


app world

It’s interesting to see how BlackBerry App World has been progressing over the past year or so. Currently, App World is doing over 3 million app downloads per day, which is a pretty awesome number and shows some significant growth.

There is also some cool data coming out of the BlackBerry Developer Days including the fact that 49% of paid apps are from BlackBerry OS 5.0 users while 41% are from BlackBerry 6.0 users. Considering there are far fewer OS 6 devices on the market (apparently only 10% of devices), this tells us that OS 6 users are probably much more inclined to purchase apps and therefore if you’re a developer, it’s crucial for you to target this OS. In terms of distribution, there are apparently 580 carriers around the world carrying BlackBerry. This means localization is also a must.

We’ll be getting more more info and statistics with the upcoming Developer Days. We’ll also be reporting from the Developer Day in Toronto. See you there!