BlackBerry Event Tops Largest Number of 4SQ Checkins in Indonesia

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Check out “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” on 4SQ

We’ve written a few times here on BlackBerryCool about Indonesia because the country is fascinating from a web and mobile uptake perspective. Recently, RIM helped made Foursquare history in Indonesia, a country known for its intense badge collecting, during a BlackBerry sponsored concert in Jakarta. With a record 31548 checkins and 19216 people, “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” was likely 100% powered by BlackBerry (still need confirmation). This means that a single, one day Indonesian event registered around 20% of the total checkins registered at the Austin Convention Center which hosts SXSW, where Foursquare was debuted.

I’ve reached out to Foursquare for comment and we’ll update with anything they may provide.

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