TimePlay Will Bring Cross-Platform Mobile Entertainment to Cinemas and Big Screens Everywhere


This is a demo of a TimePlay advergame for HP. It is completely cross-platform including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and even feature phones.

Everyone has been to the movies and sat through those awful commercials and time wasters before the movie starts. Sometimes it’s an annoying split-second milk commercial, or a celebrity quiz asking you stuff about Tom Cruise’s life that is so boring and insignificant you want to stand up and leave. Well TimePlay is a really cool company that plans to change all that by bringing cross-platform entertainment to a big screen near you.

The company has a patent-protected platform that allows any smartphone from BlackBerry to iPhone and Android, all the way to feature phones, to connect together in a social gaming experience on a big screen. The above video is a demo from MobileAppMadness that shows one example of an HP advergame that everyone in the theater can play while they wait for the movie to start. Another cool game concept they’re developing with BitHeads involves dividing the theater into 2 teams, Red and Blue, and everyone throws Skittles at the screen that explode with color. The team with the most screen coverage wins (and perhaps wins cool rewards like coupons).

Here is Jon Hussman, President and CEO of TimePlay breaking it down:

YouTube link

This is a really cool service and it’s going to change the way we interact with the screens at movie theaters. The downside, is the business case isn’t so much there for movie theaters. While they’ll be able to probably sell more advertising space due to their ability to deliver rich content, it’s a probably a very tough sell. First of all, the advertisers have to work on new ad content, rather than just sending their already created ads to the theaters to be displayed. All of this will eat into budgets and it’s hard to imagine advertisers seeing the value right away. Also, from a theater perspective, it’s not clear whether this will result in more people going to the movies and buying tickets. Sure, we’ll have a little more fun before the movie starts, but a lot of people, myself included, show up at such a time when we know the ads are wrapping up and the movie is about to start. So overall, it’s a really cool idea, and I’d love to see it, but is the business case there?

  • Emma

    THE MOST ANNOYING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I do not pay that much money to sit there and wait for this ridiculous game to finish! Who the hell plays it anyway? I do not want to “interact” with the screen. HOLY SH*T just play the movie already! Such a waste of time. Words cannot express my annoyance ( and I know I’m not the only one)

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