Word Sleuth Word Search Game by Carbide Software with Trial Version


The Carbide Software team has recently released a new word search game called Word Sleuth. The game features over 30 categories and a total of over 8500 words to search for. Other features of the game include:

  • 4 game modes, including classic word search and timed arcade style modes.
  • 3 difficulty settings.
  • 9 puzzle sizes, from 8×8 to 16×16.
  • Customizable board colors and patterns.
  • Support for touchscreen, trackball, trackpad, and keyboard controls.
  • Sound, music, and vibration effects.
  • High score saving for arcade modes.
  • Free upgrades for future content.

There is a demo version of Word Sleuth with 10 games and no ads available here.
You can purchase the full version of Word Sleuth for the low price of $0.99 at this link.